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Postdoctoral Residency Program Tables

Initial Post-Fellowship Positions for the Preceding 3 Cohorts:

Total # of fellows who were in the preceding 3 cohorts: 3 
Total # of fellows who remain in training in the residency program: 0

Date Program Tables are updated: July 2, 2020

 Post-Fellowship Placement Setting:  PD  EP 
 Community mental health center     
 Federally qualified health center    
 Independent primary care facility/clinic    
 University counseling center    
 Veterans Affairs medical center    
 Military health center    2
 Academic health center    
 Other medical center or hospital    
 Psychiatric hospital    
 Academic university/department    
 Community college or other teaching setting    
 Independent research institution    
 Correctional facility    
 School district/system    
 Independent practice setting    
 Not currently employed    
 Changed to another field    
 Other    1

Note "PD"=Post-doctoral fellowship position; "EP"=Employed Position (post-fellowship).

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