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  1. Procedures United States Army 73B psychologists interested in applying for the fellowship can obtain instructions for application from the Long Term Health Education and Training Program (LTHET), Medical Service Corps, United States Army. Active Duty Army Psychologists should access the MILPER (Military Personnel) message and read them carefully. A MILPER message is published annually, typically in November. Interested applicants can check the HRC (Human Resource Command) website for the release of the most recent LTHET MILPER notification with application instructions. Notifications will also be sent by the National Training Coordinator. The MILPER includes general eligibility criteria for all LTHET programs, which can change annually, to include time in service requirements, completion of military education prior to start of program and any other requirements. The requirements to apply for clinical psychology fellowships includes having an unrestricted license to practice psychology in the US, US territories or District of Columbia and to be in good standing with the Army. Deadline for application is currently March 15 but this can change based on the MILPER but is generally in the same time frame. Selection results by the LTHET Board are typically released in the June/July timeframe. The fellowship will ordinarily begin on July 1 of the following year and should start no later than July 15. Alternative starting dates due to extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Fellowship Director and Psychology Consultant. The application packet should include: DA Form 3838 Application for Professional Training, Commanders Height/Weight/Body Fat Standards and Army Physical Fitness Test Memorandum, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, a Department of the Army photograph on-line, a Memorandum of Recommendation from the Psychology Consultant to the United States Army Surgeon General, and an up to date Officer Record Brief/Official Military Record File on-line. Once the fellowship application process is open, the applicant should send the following materials to the Fellowship Director: 1) a letter of interest, 2) two letters of reference, 3) recent Officer Evaluation Report (OER), 4) graduate school transcripts, and 5) two sample reports. After the Fellowship Director has reviewed the materials, a telephonic interview of the applicant will be conducted with additional faculty. The current Fellowship Director is Paul Montalbano, PhD, ABPP. His phone is 301-319-5653 and his email is paul.montalbano1.civ@mail.mil. You make contact Dr. Montalbano at any time with questions you have. The Fellowship Director will then submit Suitability for Forensic Postdoctoral Fellowship Memorandum to the LTHC Selection Board. Subsequently, the Selection Board comprised of senior United States Army Medical Service Corps officers meets on or about the month following the application deadline. Acceptance decisions are announced 60 to 90 days afterwards.
  2. Diversity
    The WRNMMC Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program in Forensic Psychology encourages applications from all qualified United States Army psychologists.
  3. Salary and Benefits All individuals who are accepted for the WRNMMC Postdoctoral Fellowship in Forensic Psychology are active duty United States Army officers. Salary and benefits are commensurate with rank, location and other factors. Current military pay tables can be viewed at the U.S. Department of Defense, Defense Finance and Accounting Service website: https://www.dfas.mil/militarymembers/payentitlements/military-pay-charts.htm.

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Referrals are accepted from JAG officers and civilian attorneys involved in courts martial for Service Members in any branch of the Armed Services.
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