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Endodontics Literature

Each month, residents review all pertinent articles from the following Journals:

Journals reviewed monthly:

  • Arch Oral Bio
  • Bone
  • Dent Clin N Amer
  • Dent Trauma
  • Endodontic Topics
  • Int Endod J
  • J Dent Res
  • J Orofac Pain
  • J Am Dent Assoc
  • Pain
  • J Endod
  • J Perio
  • J Oral Maxillofac Surg
  • Oral Microbiol Immunol
  • Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol
  • Ped Dent

Monthly selections of current literature will be available on the WWW page. Literature postings are delayed by at least three months.

In addition, seminar taskers for each classical literature seminar are available below for download online.

Endodontic Classic Literature 2012-2013 Reading List

  1. Morphology of the Root Canal System/Access Preparation
  2. Preparation of the Root Canal System I
  3. Preparation of the Root Canal System II
  4. Obturation of the Root Canal System
  5. Diagnostic Procedures in the Practice of Endodontics / Classification of Pulpal & Periradicular Pathoses
  6. Endodontic-Periodontic Lesions / Cracks and Fractures / Dentin Hypersensitivity
  7. Radiology, Radiographic Techniques and Interpretation
  8. A) Management of Endodontic Emergencies
    B) Local Anesthetics
  9. Management of Traumatic Injuries to the Dentition
  10. Pharmacology
  11. Surgical Endodontics
  12. Endodontic Armamentarium and Materials #1
  13. Endodontic Armamentarium and Materials #2
  14. Vital Pulp Therapy
  15. A) Histology and Physiology of the Pulpo-dentinal Complex
    B) Pediatric Endodontics (Pedo Guest)
  16. Microbiological Aspect of Endodontics / Asepsis in Endodontics
  17. Endodontic Retreatment
  18. Inflammation / Immunology I
  19. Inflammation / Immunology II
  20. Inflammation / Immunology III
  21. Repair of Iatrogenic Problems / Treatment of Resorption Cases / Bleaching
  22. Bone Metabolism
  23. Management of the Medically Compromised Patient (A & B)
  24. Pain I
  25. Pain II - Examination and Diagnosis of Orofacial Pain (CDR Hargitai)
  26. Lesions of Endodontic Origin
  27. Evaluation of Endodontic Healing / Success - Failure



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