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About Us

Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding During Hospital Stay


What are we tracking and why?

We track the number of newborns that receive only breast milk for their entire hospital stay. Our statistics show most women who deliver at Walter Reed Bethesda want to breastfeed their babies. As a Baby-Friendly Accredited Hospital, our focus is to help mothers achieve their feeding goals.

How are we doing?

What are we doing to improve?

  • We support a mother’s feeding choice for her infant.

  • We train our healthcare staff in the skills identified by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.

  • We educate and support mothers and families during pregnancy about what works best for their newborns.

  • We ask our mothers for feedback to improve our efforts.

  • We provide 24/7 lactation support.

What can you do?

Empower yourself through knowledge and preparation. Involve your family in your decisions.

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