Clinical Laboratory Immunology Fellowship

The Clinical Laboratory Immunology Fellowship (separate application) is a competitive option for graduates equivalent to "3rd year" of training in civilian programs. This program prepares subject matter experts in laboratory immunology clinical vaccinology, as well as providing experience in related research.

This is a one-year program in clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology. The program focuses on the laboratory aspect of clinical immunologic diseases and vaccine immunology and healthcare. The program is directed at the integration of a strong clinical foundation with a comprehensive experience in immunology laboratory techniques, their application in disease management, in-depth interpretation of sensitivity, specificity and subsequent test selections. The foundation for immunology laboratory testing indications and providing laboratory data interpretation in the context of a clinical history will be a dominant program focus. Immunologic laboratory investigative approaches to research questions are also addressed within the curriculum. The program will also foster assay development for the purpose of concise immunologic research projects.

  1. Trainees Accepted Each Year: 1-2
  2. Duration of Fellowship: 1 year
  3. Special Requirements: Diplomate or eligibility for ABP or ABIM (completion of an accredited internal medicine or pediatrics residency);Member of US Army, Navy or Air Force Medical Corps. Preference given to graduates of clinical immunology based fellowship programs (Allergy-Immunology, Rheumatology, etc.)
  4. NOT ACGME accredited (Certifying Board/RRC dissolved, all national programs no longer accredited as of 2004/2005)
  5. Training at WRNMMC, Fort Belvoir, NIH, elective sites

Clinical Laboratory Immunology


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