Health Services



The NICoE offers different treatment programs and services to cater to and treat patients according to the severity of their injury and their unique needs.

Our clinical team makes their best effort to address specific needs and access to care issues when building each patient’s treatment plan. We work with patient’s referring providers to assess the availability of local treatment options so patients can then return home ready and able to continue on their path toward healing and recovery.

We use a holistic approach to care, featuring a team of medical professionals offering intensive diagnosis, treatment, and home station treatment planning. Because of our unique clinical care model, providers are able to focus on both patients and their families. The NICoE is also home to the latest medical devices, allowing immediate access to technology required to diagnose and assess traumatic brain injury and psychological health conditions.

For more information about the NICoE’s clinical programs, please visit our Healthcare Services page.

For referral information, please visit our Refer a Patient page.
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