Health Services


Clinical Offerings

The NICoE delivers a broad range of patient- and family-centered assessments and clinical offerings, encompassing traditional medicine, advanced diagnostic techniques, and integrative medicine.

Assistive Technology

Uses technology, such as mobile apps, to help patients become more independent and help with problems related to memory, overall wellness, and medication

Audiology/Vestibular Services

Examines, tests, and treats hearing and balance problems that patients may experience due to TBI


Uses electrical sensors that help the brain receive information about the body to better control bodily functions, such as heart rate

Brain Fitness Center

Offers computer-based programs and activities that support improved cognitive functioning

Case Management

Exercised throughout patients' time at the NICoE to make sure their treatment plan is followed properly

Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN)

Uses virtual reality to help patients with TBI-related problems, such as movement and balance

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Helps individuals restore functioning and compensate for cognitive deficits

Creative Arts Therapy

Promotes creative expression through art, music, writing, dance, and other artistic modalities to help patients express themselves in new ways and improve their quality of life -- psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Creative Arts Therapy at the NICoE is comprised of the NICoE Healing Arts Program

Driving Assessment and Rehabilitation

Offers training and treatment geared towards helping patients regain the ability to drive their car following a TBI (NICoE Outpatient Services only)

Family Education

Teaches patients and families problem-solving and coping skills

Family Counseling

Helps patients and family members improve communication, coping skills, and problem-solving techniques, resolve conflicts, and increase understanding of their loved one's experiences and feelings

Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS)

Creates virtual environments to help patients regain confidence and improve their shooting skills

Integrative Health

Teaches patients mind-body skills and offers treatments such as acupuncture, nutritional medicine, yoga, and meditation


Uses various techniques and technology to examine the structure and/or function of the brain


Specializes in diagnosing, treating, and managing conditions of the brain and nervous system, focusing on post-traumatic headaches


Diagnoses and conducts testing to assess behaviors related to brain function and TBI

Occupational Therapy

Evaluates abilities needed to perform functional daily-living tasks including self-care, home maintenance, work performance, and community involvement (NICoE Outpatient Services only)


Examines eyes and diagnoses and treats eye diseases

Patient Education

Informational courses supplement patients' treatment with knowledge about TBI and understanding of their injury

Physical Therapy

Helps treat physical injuries and balance issues that impact daily life

Primary Care Coordination

Includes daily healthcare coordination by all providers involved in the patient's case, including specialist care that the patient may need


Addresses emotional or behavioral concerns to improve well-being


Uses psychological methods to improve an individual's well-being and mental health to resolve or mitigate troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts, or emotions, and to improve relationships and social skills

Recreational Activities

Uses fitness, leisure, education, and recreation activities to build self-esteem, promote independence, and help patients express themselves (NICoE Outpatient Services only)

Sleep Medicine

Identifies and treats sleep problems to help improve patients’ sleep patterns, energy levels, and mood

Speech-Language Pathology

Helps treat TBI-related speech, communication, memory, and attention problems

Spiritual Counseling

Offers individualized counseling to maximize the healing process (optional)

Vocational Rehabilitation

Provides initial vocational rehab services for patients transitioning to veteran status. Serves as a resource for active-duty patients looking to transition to the civilian sector in their future
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