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Patient Testimonials

The NICoE has helped patients recover from traumatic brain injury and psychological health conditions. Watch these service members share their stories about finding hope and healing at the NICoE:

“Learning and Healing at the NICoE”

“Finding Hope at the NICoE”

What our patients like about the NICoE

Our Patient Satisfaction Survey allows patients to provide feedback about their experiences at the NICoE in their own words. When asked what they liked best about the NICoE, here’s what our patients had to say:

“The staff: outstanding people that make up a world-class team. Words cannot describe the level of care received and the peace of mind provided to patients”

“How all of the information (classes, tests, therapy) provides a more complete picture of my issues.”

“The inclusive medical approach [operates] much like an assault team. Each team member had their expertise and they focused on the target: [the] patient.”

“The unconventional methods to treatment that I would never have tried on my own: art therapy, acupuncture, meditation, yoga.”

“The NICoE “bubble” allowed me to focus on me. I appreciate everyone’s intense knowledge in their subjects.”

“High intensity of care. Counseling for the future. Outbrief and follow up care.”

“People who love their job! The success of NICoE seems not only due to a great system of practice, but because of the passion of the people who perform it. NICoE should be a role model for medical practice abroad.”

“I liked getting all the questions I had answered and any concerns I had addressed. The level of care at NICoE was outstanding and everyone associated with the program did an exceptional job helping each person on a daily basis and making his needs a priority.”

“I really enjoyed how the physicians here took a holistic view on patients’ health versus trying to diagnose separately.”

“The setting in which every level of care is provided at one place and each doctor talks to the other provider to ensure that no one treatment will interfere with another.”

“Allowing my wife to attend the educational seminars will greatly affect our relationship and understanding.”
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