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Residency Program in Comprehensive Dentistry

The Naval Postgraduate Dental School has been offering postgraduate courses in general dentistry since 1923. These courses have evolved into a 2-year residency program in comprehensive dentistry. This CODA-accredited program is designed primarily for dental officers with 1 to 8 years of clinical experience who desire to learn comprehensive treatment planning for complex cases, develop a high degree of proficiency in all aspects of dental practice, and prepare themselves to become future teachers and mentors. The curriculum also includes courses to educate dental officers in contingency roles, military leadership, and personnel management. During the second year, the graduate is expected to challenge the written portion of the American Board of General Dentistry and, if successful, the oral and treatment planning section the following year.

The program unites basic and dental sciences in a formal schedule. Courses in the biological sciences are designed to update the dental officer’s knowledge in these areas, and the student is then expected to correlate the subject matter with clinical practice. The program provides time for study, research, and clinical practice. During the year, the dental officer is required to engage in a research project.

First-Year Curriculum

Course Contact Hours
NPDS 227 Advanced Oral Diagnosis 13
NPDS 249 Anxiolysis 6
NPDS 201 Applied Dental Psychology 8
NPDS 229 Cone Beam CT: Practical Application 6
NPDS 252 Complete Dentures 27
NPDS 223 Dental Implantology 29
NPDS 205 Digital Dentistry 21
NPDS 208 Endodontics 28
NPDS 311 Ethics 7
NPDS 253 Fixed Prosthodontics 29
NPDS 281 Forensic Dentistry 14
NPDS 288 General Dentistry Sick Call Rotation 20
NPDS 218 Management of Medical Emergencies 2
NPDS 344 Maxillofacial Prosthetics (hours 23-25) 3
NPDS 221 Naval Operational Management 10
NPDS 224 Occlusion 18
NPDS 225 Operative Dentistry 38
NPDS 236 Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology 30
NPDS 239 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 14
NPDS 285 Orofacial Pain 32
NPDS 240 Orthodontics 17
NPDS 222 Pediatric Dentistry 10
NPDS 241 Periodontics 37
NPDS 228 Pharmacotherapeutics in Clinical Dentistry 17
NPDS 259 Removable Partial Dentures 21
NPDS 263 Research Methodology I 10
NPDS 264 Research Project 120
NPDS 365 Seminar, Comprehensive Dentistry 124
NPDS 368 Seminar, Comprehensive Dentistry ABGD Board Examination 8
NPDS 286 Seminar, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 4
NPDS 312 Seminar, Orthodontics I 6
NPDS 220 Seminar of Restorative Dentistry 32
NPDS 217 Specialty Clinic, Comprehensive Dentistry 656
NPDS 231 Systemic Disease in Clinical Dentistry 21
NPDS 353 Treatment Rendered Seminar 24
NPDS 206 Topographical Anatomy 20
NPDS 310 Teaching Methods Seminar 4
Feedback Sessions 7
Orientation, GMT, PRT, etc. 80
Total hours 1575

The second-year curriculum complements the first-year program and expands the clinical experience to 70 percent of contact hours. Board-certified specialists from each Naval Postgraduate Dental School (NPDS) clinical department are designated as consultants to augment the comprehensive dentistry staff. Each consultant has assignments in the Comprehensive Dentistry Clinic to observe and mentor residents during patient treatment.

The didactic portion of the second-year course consists of regularly scheduled seminars for literature review, clinical pathology, and treatment planning. Periodically, special lecturers and outside consultants are scheduled. In both the clinical and didactic portions of the course, NPDS staff members from each discipline are responsible for articulating the treatment philosophies of their various specialties: A branch of medicine or surgery that a doctor specializes in. and coordinating these philosophies with the concept of comprehensive dentistry.

Second-Year Curriculum

Course Contact Hours
NPDS 371 Dental Administrative Management 10
NPDS 324 General Dentistry Sick Call Rotation 56
NPDS 314 Oral Surgery Rotation 105
NPDS 323 Orofacial Pain Rotation 16
NPDS 315 Pediatric Dentistry Rotation 35
NPDS 355 Research Methodology II 5
NPDS 369 Research Project 150
NPDS 365 Seminar, Comprehensive Dentistry 124
NPDS 368 Seminar, Comprehensive Dentistry ABGD Board Examination 20
NPDS 367 Seminar, Comprehensive Dentistry ABGD Board Preparation 16
NPDS 331 Seminar, Clinical Oral Pathology 14
NPDS 317 Seminar, Occlusion 6
NPDS 279 Seminar, Operative Dentistry 15
NPDS 360 Seminar, Oral Medicine 14
NPDS 358 Seminar, Orofacial Pain 9
NPDS 313 Seminar, Orthodontics 7
NPDS 325 Seminar, Periodontics 9
NPDS 359 Seminar, Prosthodontics 12
NPDS 318 Seminar of Restorative Dentistry 32
NPDS 319 Specialty Clinic, Comprehensive Dentistry 852
NPDS 320 Teaching, Comprehensive Dentistry 1
NPDS 353 Treatment Rendered Seminar 24
Feedback Session 1
GMT, PRT, BLS, etc. 44
Total hours 1575
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