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Having problems communicating with your spouse, adjusting to parenthood or managing stress? The FFSC provides solution-oriented programs to develop knowledge and social skills to enhance self-esteem and interpersonal relations. The FFSC provides Anger Management, Couples Communication, Parenting, Stress Management, Suicide Awareness and much more. Life Skills classes and training are offered both on-site at the FFSC and at Command locations on request. For more information contact us at, (301) 319-4087, usn.bethesda.nsabethesdamd.list.NNMC-FFSC@mail.mil, or http://tinyurl.com/FFSCclassregistration.

Ask us about providing GMTs at your command!

List of available classes: The following classes are routinely scheduled and can be offered by request. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call.

Communication & Relationships

Balancing Work and Family Life

This session will help identify strategies to fulfill work, home, and self-obligations.

Building Healthy Relationships

Designed to enhance established relationships by providing tools on emotional record keeping, expectations, communication, and developing healthy habits.

Effective Communication

Helps participants use the power of communication to strengthen relationships at work and at home by practicing skills that build effective two-way communication.

Conflict Resolution 

Every conflict, every negotiation; even one that has been stuck for a while has opportunity for resolution. Learn simple techniques to reduce tension and resolve conflict at home or work.


Stress Management/Coping with Holiday Stress

Do you feel stressed out? This class teaches tools to help you mange stress, not let it manage you.

Relaxation Station

Give yourself 15 minutes in a soothing environment to just breathe. You and your customers will be better for it. Call to have a station set-up in the workplace!

Operational Stress Control

Emphasis is placed on strengthening personal and professional relationships, improving job performance, and building resiliency to military related stressors.

Prevention and Resources

Suicide Awareness and Prevention/ACT Training

Identify suicide warning signs, how to respond and resources to support anyone who may be contemplating suicide.

Building Effective Anger Management Strategies 

This interactive workshop teaches techniques for reducing and managing anger. Participation certificate awarded at completion of full 6 hours.

Life Skills Overview

Provides general overview information of resources and tools for managing anger, conflict, and stress.

New Spouse Orientation

For new military spouses to support their entrance and ease their transition to the military culture.


Four Lenses

Using the Four Lenses Assessment, participants learn their own personality preference as well as how to recognize strengths and weaknesses among different personalities. The Four Lenses approach can be applied to various Life Skills subjects such as team-building, conflict resolution, communication, and stress.

Goal Setting

Provides participants with self-motivating strategies to work towards reaching the goals set for themselves.

Time Management

Determine what’s urgent, what’s important, and what can safely be put on the back burner for another day or to enjoy the holidays.

Understanding Grief and Loss

Understanding the normal process of grieving, navigating bereavement and distinguishing between grief and depression.

Organizing Your Life

Focuses on de-stressing by helping achieve cleanliness and organization in the home or work environment.

Regrets and Resolutions

New Year, New Life. Showcases letting go of mistakes from the past while embracing the future.

For more information or to register for a class contact us at, (301) 319-4087 or usn.bethesda.nsabethesdamd.list.NNMC-FFSC@mail.mil.

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