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The nephrology department provides examination, diagnosis treatment and disposition of patients with renal diseases. 


  • Comprehensive renal replacement therapy including chronic intermittent hemodialysis, acute hemodialysis, critical care dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy including continuous veno-venous hemofiltration, continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration, slow continuous ultrafiltration, charcoal hemoperfusion, and sustained low efficiency hemodialysis methods. 
  • Comprehensive peritoneal dialysis services including peritoneal equilibration testing, peritoneal dialysis adequacy testing, patient educations and treatment of PD peritonitis, PD catheter malfunction and infections, and other PD related medical disorders. 
  • Renal transplant recipient care including medical management of acute and chronic rejection, evaluation of renal failure in the transplant patient, evaluation of potential renal transplant donor and recipients, and provide medical consultation on renal transplant patients admitted for non-transplant related medical problems. 
  • Various nephrologic invasive procedures including ultrasound guided percutaneous renal biopsy for native kidney diseases and renal allograft rejection, place temporary acute dialysis catheters, place various infusion devices related specifically to nephrology. 
  • A full range of infusion services including IV iron infusions, IV chemotherapy infusions for glomerulonephrtitides, erythropoietin replacement infusion clinic, contrast nephropathy infusion services, and dialysis catheter related TPA infusion protocols. 
  • Specialized nephrologic testing including water deprivation testing, water loading tests, tests of urinary acidification and dilution, AUC testing for transplant immunosuppression metabolism, specialized hypertensive testing, and other specialized tests related to renal function. 
  • Full inpatient renal consultative services to general medical services, OB/GYN services, critical care services, surgical subspecialties, and vascular and interventional subspecialty consults. 
  • Educational clinical rotations for medical students, interns, medical residents and joint NCC nephrology fellowship training program. 

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