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Cancer Genetics is an integral component of the Murtha Cancer Center . We provide world-class, patient-centered cancer genetics services that consist of a multi-disciplinary approach integrating gynecology oncology, colorectal surgery, surgical oncology, plastic surgery, medical oncology and social work.

This program serves individuals who are at increased risk for hereditary cancer. We see patients and families with many different types of cancers, including breast, ovarian, uterine and colon cancer. The program offers:

  • personalized cancer risk assessments based on family and medical history
  • education about inheritance, genetic testing, cancer screening, and risk reduction options
  • long term follow-up based on the current state of knowledge in cancer risk management
  • the opportunity to participate in research protocols aimed at improving the knowledge on the genetics of cancer as well as establishing novel and superior methods for early cancer detection and/or prevention

Our team consists of physicians, nurses and a genetic counselor who all have specialized training in cancer genetics. The team meets weekly to discuss genetic testing and cancer risk management options for each patient. We generally follow NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) guidelines in determining recommendations for cancer risk management and genetic testing.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not genetic testing is appropriate for a patient. If genetic testing is offered, test results interpretation, medical management options, and family issues will be discussed with patients in detail. Patients who test positive for a hereditary cancer syndrome receive long term follow up in multi-disciplinary high risk clinics.

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Main: (301) 295-3899 (Located within the Breast Care Center)

IRMAC/One Number: (855) 227-6331

Clinic: (301) 295-3899 (Located within the Breast Care Center)


Murtha Cancer Center, WRNMMC
Bldg. 19 (America), 3rd Floor, in the Breast Care Center
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