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Manpower Management

Advance planning is the key! Reporting aboard WRNMMC can be a smooth process.

Pre-arrival checklist

  1. Learn about our Sponsor Program. Request a sponsor, especially if you are coming from "A" school. Indicate your contact number / info or you can reach the Command Sponsor Coordinator at (301) 319-4844.
  2. Make a list of key telephone numbers at your next duty station.
  3. Schedule shipment of personal property.
  4. Notify your landlord, rental agent, or Housing Office of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. Give written notice if there is a military clause in your lease.
  5. Begin a calendar for your move. Set timelines to help organize yourself. Include items to remember: housing availability, school records for children, ID cards, change of address card, temporary lodging, etc.
  6. Budget your move. Call your Finance Office or NSAP Deers/ID Office to discuss your travel pay options.
  7. Arrange travel.
  8. If you are taking your entitled TAD house-hunting/leave upon arrival please ensure that you complete your check-in process with NSAB Deers/ID Office, before commencing on your leave days.
  9. Bring documents:
  • Copies of orders
  • Military ID
  • Health records (including immunizations)
  • Dental record
  • Service record
  • Birth certificate(s)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Power of attorney
  • Personal will
  • Citizenship papers
  • Bank books
  • Insurance cards
  • Car registration and title
  • Social security cards
  • Credit card records
  • Voter registration
  • Emergency data information
  • School records/transcripts
  • Leave and earning statement
  • Transportation, shipping, & storage documents
  • State and federal records

Check-in process at WRNMMC

Where to report:

  1. Monday - Friday, 0730 - 1600. - report to the DMHRSI In-process/Out-processing office, Bldg 8, 2nd floor, room 2186.
  2. After duty hours, on weekends, or holidays - report to the Command Duty Office, Bldg 10, 1st Floor, (301) 295-4611 or toll-free number above.
  3. Please be in the appropriate Uniform of the Day.
  4. Ensure your ORIGINAL COPY of orders was stamped by the Command Duty Office Staff.
  5. In-processing will be discussed upon reporting to the DMHRSI office.

Contact Us


Monday - Friday
0730 - 1600

Telephone Number(s)

Command Duty Office:
(301) 295-4611
Toll-free automated phone-line:
1 (800) 526-7101
Sponsor Coordinator:
(301) 319-4844


Building: 8 Floor: 2 Room: 2230
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.