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Cardiovascular Health Assessment, Management, and Prevention

CHAMP stands for Cardiovascular Health Assessment, Management, and Prevention. It is a personal lipid management program to help people with high cholesterol lower their risk of heart disease. If you already have heart disease, this program will help to decrease the progression of the disease. The best ways to lower your cholesterol are through exercise, eating a healthy diet, and if necessary, taking medications. We will use a team approach to emphasize these issues and help you make the necessary changes to lower your risk of heart disease.

How does CHAMP work?
CHAMP is held in the Cardiology Clinic. During your first visit, you will attend a clinic orientation from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. You will hear a brief presentation from a dietician, an exercise physiologist, and a pharmacist during that hour, and will also have time to ask questions.

Following the class, you will meet individually with a provider (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner), who will review your lipid results with you, calculate your risk for heart disease, set goals for lowering that risk, and determine a treatment plan.

During follow up visits, you will meet with a provider to determine if the goals are being met and make adjustments accordingly. You will also have access to the dietician, exercise physiologist, and pharmacist for additional questions.

You will hear about other WRNMMC health promotion programs, such as smoking cessation, individual visits with a dietician, stress reduction, and weight management.

Who should enroll in CHAMP?
Persons who:

  • Have high cholesterol. or
  • Are at high risk for developing heart disease, or
  • Already have heart disease.

Studies show that cholesterol lowering medication can decrease your risk of future heart attacks and bypass surgery. If you do not have heart disease, but are at risk for developing it, we will work with you to help you reduce your overall risk for heart disease, not just your cholesterol.

How do I enroll in CHAMP?
Your primary provider should enter a consult (referral) in the computer system. Then you may schedule an appointment either by calling (301) 295-4500 or by stopping by the Cardiology Clinic.

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