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Operational Health Support Unit (OHSU)

Welcome Aboard for duty with Operational Health Support Unit (OHSU) Bethesda! Your contribution to America, Navy Medicine, and WRNMMC Bethesda is greatly appreciated!

 OHSU WRNMMC Bethesda Leadership

Commanding Officer, CAPT Anne White, NC
Executive Officer, CAPT Cloyd Beers, MSC
Command Master Chief, HMCS Anthony Carotenuto
Director for Administration, CAPT Victor Huertas, MSC
Senior Medical Executive, CAPT Gregg Wolff
Senior Dental Executive, CAPT Stephen Hoff
Senior Medical Service Corps Executive, CAPT Victor Huertas
Senior Nurse Executive, CAPT Flo Etienne

OHSU WRNMMC Bethesda Headquarters Detachment Leadership

Officer-in-Charge, CDR Joann Fitzell
Assistant Officer-in-Charge, LCDR Marcia Vandzura
Senior Enlisted Leader, HMC Luis Bravo

Preparing to Report

  1. Member must be fully fit for duty, and ready to drill with his/her assigned detachment.
  2. Grooming - conform to the current Navy-wide grooming standards.
  3. Naval Air Facility Washington (NAFW) Orientation - You should be contacted by the NAFW Training Department and/or NAFW Manpower Office with a date for NAFW Orientation. This is typically scheduled and completed prior to reporting for your first drill with OHSU Bethesda.
  4. Required documents and other items -
    1. Orders - Please bring a copy of your orders with you when you check –in. Contact NAFW Manpower at (840) 257-3990 if you have do not have a current copy of your orders or email nafw_manpower@navy.mil
    2. Valid military I. D. card (if you have one issued)
    3. Uniform of the Day
    4. Report for Drill in the Uniform of the Day. The typical drill uniform for Officers is Khakis. Enlisted wear the prescribed seasonal uniform.
    5. Khakis and Dress Blues are acceptable attire for officers and senior enlisted year-round.
  5. Berthing (Lodging)
    If your residence is more than 50 miles from WRNMMC Bethesda and you require overnight lodging (berthing), contact LCDR Marcia Vandzura at ltvandzura@yahoo.com for lodging reservations. This should be done two weeks prior to drill.
  6. Contact the HQ Unit.
    Prior to drill, contact the HQ Detachment OIC or AOIC with your drill status. Contact OSO Office staff by phone or email (see below) and they can provide you with the current contact information for the OIC and AOIC.

Reporting Aboard

  1. The HQ Detachment musters at 0700 at WRNMMC Bethesda, building 3, 4th deck, Operational Support Office (OSO). End of drill muster is held at 1530 each day of the drill weekend.
  2. OHSU Bethesda Orientation - OHSU Bethesda orientation is conducted by HQ detachment staff on Saturday and Sunday of the drill weekend. You will participate in orientation prior to receiving a final detachment assignment.
  3. Report for Drill in the Uniform of the Day.
    Officer Uniform of the Day: Khaki; Enlisted Uniform of the Day: Service Uniform

Duty Assignments

Assignment of all members to OHSU WRNMMC Bethesda detachments is centrally managed through the OHSU Bethesda Command Headquarters.

Duty assignments are made based on command manpower requirements, NOBC, SSC, and NEC qualifications and individual training objectives. If you are on officer, you will meet with the Command Manpower Officer and the Senior Corps Executive to discuss your background, qualifications and professional goals. If you are enlisted, you will meet with the Senior Enlisted Advisor to discuss your background, qualifications and professional goals. Once this is concluded, a determination will then be made as to which detachment will be most suitable for assignment balancing your personal preferences with the needs of the Command.

There are 17 detachments within OHSU WRNMMC Bethesda; five of these are considered “local”:

  • DET HQ: Drill site: WRNMMC Bethesda, MD
  • DET Q: Drill site WRNMMC Bethesda, MD (Flex drill unit)
  • DET P: Drill site Andrews AFB, MD ( Blue and Gold Drill Weekend)
  • DET S: Drill site: WRNMMC Bethesda, MD
  • DET I: Drill site: NOSC Baltimore, MD

Contact Us


Drill Weekends 0730 - 1600
Monday - Friday 0730 - 1600

Telephone Number(s)

(301) 295-0974
Operational Support Officer:
(301) 319-8471
Leading Chief Petty Officer (LCPO):
(301) 295-4056
Commanding Officer (drill weekends):
(301) 295-4082
WRNMMC Command Duty Office:
(301) 295-4611
Email Address(es)
Email us
Fax Number(s)
Fax: (301) 295-6724


Building: 17 Floor: 1 Room: 1177
CAPMED (Bldg 27) and Bldg 11.

From the main entrance, go straight thru the double doors pass the elevators thru the atrium.
We are located at the very end to the right pass the double doors, suite 1C.

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.