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Active Duty Medical/Dental Record


To obtain copies of your medical/dental records, please see the Copying Records section of this page.


When you are ready to Separate/Retire, your Medical and Dental Record will be checked out to you. It is your responsibility to turn those records into your Personnel Support Detachment, for processing with your Retirement/Separation package.

Army/Air Force:

All Army/Air Force personnel are required to complete a DD 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information). Once completed and submitted to our office, the member’s Medical and Dental Record will be mailed to the separating or retiring member’s command.

Need Medical Information

All requests for medical information from third parties, such as insurance companies MUST be mailed to WRNMMC for processing. We do NOT accept faxed requests from third party companies.
Please be advised that there is a ten day turn around for the processing of third party requests.

Need a Copy of your Medical and/or Dental Record

If you are requesting copies of your medical or dental record, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • If you are requesting via phone/fax/email, please fill out a DD 2870, and provide a copy of your identification (Driver’s License). Your military identification will not be accepted. If you are requesting a copy of your Behavioral Health record, please provide a seperate DD2870 specifically for it.
  • If you are making the request in person, proper identification is required (Military ID/Driver’s License).
  • Please be advised that there is a 30 day turn around for the processing and copying of your medical or dental record. In addition, our staff can provide up to two copies of your records, and any corresponding information contained within AHLTA (Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application).


WRNMMC Active Duty Health and Dental Records Office are the central data repositories for Active Duty Health Record (ADHR) and Active Duty Dental Record (ADDR) information. The ADHR/ADDR are the property of the United States Navy. The ADHR/ADDR will remain within the confines of the ADHR/ADDR offices per MANMED Chp 16.

Utilizing the Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS) and the Dental Common Access System (DENCAS), the ADHR/ADDR offices are responsible for tracking, recording, and reporting the Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) status for the Active Duty personnel assigned to:

  • WRNMMC and its Branch Health Clinics
    N00168 + 22 subordinate UICS

The Dental Services Directorate, Primary Care Dentistry and Readiness Departments, and the ADHR/ADDR offices will provide education and training for the tracking, recording, and reporting of IMR status for the active duty assigned to the tenants of NNMC:

  • Naval Medical Education and Training (NMPT&E)
  • Naval Medical Information Management Command (NMIMC)
  • Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC)
  • Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (USUHS)
  • Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI)
  • NSAB Deers/ID Office
  • Naval Dosimetry Center
  • Includes all personnel detailed to a full-time training program (i.e. fellows, residents, and interns)
  • ACDU personnel assigned to tenant commands that are served by our Branch Health Clinics

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Front Desk:(301) 295-0644Back Office:(301) 319-8488Third Party Liasion:(301) 319-8488

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Building 7, Floor 2, Room 2600 

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