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The WRNMMC Family Readiness Group website is a command-sponsored effort designed to enhance family readiness by providing information, resources and support in order to better prepare and equip families with the skills and tools to successfully meet the challenges of deployments, separations and the military lifestyle.

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Individual and family readiness directly affects the cornerstone of mission success for the individual deployed, as well as the families at home. Therefore, the overriding objective of the WRNMMC FRG is to support the military mission through provision of support, outreach, information, and network of communications. Ideally, WRNMMC will act as an avenue of mutual support and assistance, and as a network of communications among the deployed service member, family members, the chain of command, chain of concern, and community resources. The WRNMMC FRG also provides the mechanism for the command to maintain positive monthly contact with our deployed service members and their families, through feedback to the command on the state of the individual and the family unit. Our intent is to provide you with an opportunity to let WRNMMC know if you or your family needs any additional support or if you are encountering any difficulties, update contact information, report an issue and allow us to rapidly respond as needed.


Our goals are to:

  • Prepare for families for deployments and redeployments.
  • Assist families adjust to military life and cope with deployments.
  • Gain necessary family support during deployments.
  • Develop open and honest channels of communication between the command and family members.
  • Promote confidence, cohesion, commitment, and a sense of wellbeing among the command, the service member and their families.

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