Getting Care

Patient Administration Department

The mission of the Patient Administration Department (PAD) is to support the medical readiness of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and other eligible beneficiaries.

PAD is responsible for providing administrative oversight, coordination and support to Patients and Staff Members for inpatient admission and discharge actions, medical evaluation boards, inpatient and outpatient medical documentation, record analysis and coding. PAD functions include:

  • Direct and manage all medical records functions, inpatient and outpatient throughout the command.
  • Direct and manage the medical evaluation board process, Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL), and Temporary Limited Duty administration for military members.
  • Provides counseling to service members and their families regarding the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES).
  • Directs and manages all hospital admission and discharge functions.

PAD is comprised of the following Divisions:

  • Patient Affairs/Military Patient Personnel (Medical Evaluation Boards)
  • Medical Records Ambulatory Care Administration (Outpatient Medical Records) and InPatient Administration (Inpatient Medical Records)
  • Admissions and Dispositions
  • Immediate Office of the Department Head

Our services include:

  • Patient Accountability Division:
    • Admissions and Dispositions
    • Eligibility Determination
    • Birth Registry and Decedent Affairs
    • AeroMedical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Administration
  • Patient Affairs / Military Patient Personnel Division:
    • Medical Evaluation Boards
    • Integrated Disability Evaluation System
    • Temporary Disability Retired List Administration for Navy/Marine Corps Personnel
    • Temporary Limited Duty Administration for Navy/Marine Corps Personnel
  • Medical Records Division:
    • Inpatient Record Administration
    • Ambulatory Care / Outpatient Record Administration
    • Record Correspondence and Copies
    • Record Analysis and Coding
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