Health Services


Overseas and Suitability Screening

Active Duty

The overseas and suitability screening process at WRNMMC is offered by appointment only from 0700-1600, Monday – Friday; with the exception of Thursday afternoon when the office will be closed to support training.

  • Please ensure both medical and dental records are available for review.
  • We will be unable to process the suitability screening without a current medical record.

The following suitability screening forms may be filled out prior to walking-in:

  • Medical, Dental (NAVMED 1300/1)
  • NAVMED 1300/2
  • NAVPERS 1300/16
  • Report of Medical History (DD 2807-1)
  • Report of Medical History (DD 2807-1)
  • DA Form 4036
  • DA Form 5118
For EFMP enrollees only
  • EFMP enrollment must be current within the past three years
  • If updating EFMP enrollment, DD Form 2792 must be completed by service member/spouse and PCM prior to appointment
All active duty personnel conducting an Overseas, Sea Duty, Suitability, or Re-enlistment screening must have the following items completed:
  • Up-to-date Periodic Health Assessment (PHA)
  • Current Immunizations that meet destination requirements
  • Current Annual HIV test with results in medical record (within last 24 months)
  • Completed and documented annual PPD
  • Current Type 2 Dental exam with a Class I or Class II readiness status
  • Current routine physical exam (up-to-date PHA) documented in medical record.
    • All active duty females must have a current Well-Woman Examination
    • Females age 40 and over must have a completed Mammogram within the past 12 months and documentation must be in the Medical Record at time of screening. Contact the Breast Imaging Center at 301-319-8502 if an appointment is needed.
    • Colonoscopy or fecal occult blood within the last year for service members beginning at age 45 for African Americans and age 50 for all others
    • GC/Chlamydia testing conducted annually for female service members younger than 26 years old

Summary of OSS/Suitability Requirements

Active Duty Service Members conducting an overseas screening will also need to complete the following:
  • Determination of pregnancy for active duty females is a required element for determining suitability for Overseas, Sea Duty and Remote Duty stations IAW OPNAVINST 1300.14C.
  • Contact the WRNMMC Travel Clinic at 301-319-8369 if transferring to a region NOT listed below:
    • Canada
    • Western Europe
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • South Korea
    • Scandinavia
    • Diego Garcia
    • Iceland
    • Ireland
    • Guam
    • United Kingdom
    • Caribbean Islands including Cuba and Puerto Rico
    • Mainland Japan; excluding Okinawa.
  • Bring transfer package and PCS orders to screening interview
Family Members/Beneficiaries of active duty service members will need to complete the following:
  • Report of Medical History (DD 2807-1)
  • Medical, Dental (NAVMED 1300/1) signed by their Primary Care Manager and Dental Provider
  • Current well-child visit for all children (within a year of the transferring date)
  • Educational Suitability Screening for Service and Family Members for children
  • Sponsor must bring all documents to the screening interview
  • Females 40 years or older require a current mammogram
  • If family members are seen by a civilian provider, patient needs to provide a copy of the last physical annual exam, current copy of immunizations, results of last pap smear, last mammogram results (only if dependent is 40 years old or older) and notification stating there are no medical or mental health concerns that require mandatory Exceptional Family Member Program enrollment
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.