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Overseas and Suitability Screening

The overseas and suitability screening process at WRNMMC is offered by appointment only from 0700-1600, Monday – Friday; with the exception of Thursday afternoon when the office will be closed to support training.

  • Please ensure both medical and dental records are available for review.
  • We will be unable to process the suitability screening without a current medical record.

The following suitability screening forms may be filled out prior to walking-in:

  • Medical, Dental and Educational Suitability Screening for Service and Family Members (NAVMED 1300/1).
  • Report of Medical History (DD 2807-1).

All active duty personnel conducting an Overseas, Sea Duty, Suitability, and Re-enlistment screening must have the following items completed:

  • Immunizations are current and meet destination requirements.
  • Annual HIV test is current and results are in medical record.
  • Annual PPD has been completed and documented.
  • Type 2 Dental exam is current with a Class I or Class II readiness status.
  • Routine Physical Exam is current and documentation is in Medical Record.
    • All active duty females must have a current Well Woman Examination.
    • Females age 40 and over must have a completed Mammogram within the past 12 months and documentation must be in the Medical Record at time of screening. Contact the Breast Imaging Center at 301-319-8502 for an appointment.

Summary of OSS/Suitability Requirements

Personnel conducting an overseas screening will also need to complete the following:

  • Determination of pregnancy for active duty females is a required element for determining suitability for Overseas, Sea duty and Remote Duty stations IAW OPNAVINST 1300.14C.
  • Contact the WRNMMC Travel Clinic at 301-319-8369 if transferring to a region NOT listed below:
  • Western Europe, Australia, Korea, Scandinavia, Diego Garcia, Iceland, Ireland, Guam, United Kingdom, Caribbean Islands including Cuba and Puerto Rico, and Mainland Japan; excluding Okinawa.
  • Bring transfer package and PCS orders to screening interview.

Contact the Readiness Department Appointments at 301-295-3472 to book your Overseas Suitability Screening

 Dependents of Active Duty Military will need to have the Medical, Dental and Educational Suitability Screening for Service and Family Members (NAVMED 1300/1) completed and signed by their Primary Care Manager, and Dental Provider. Sponsor should bring all documents to the screening interview.

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.