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John P. Murtha Cancer Center LogoWe offer this list to patients in finding providers. Inclusion on this list does not imply that a provider is recommended or endorsed. Neither the Breast Center, Oncology Department, nor WRNMMC can guarantee customer satisfaction, quality control, or competitive cost. Most shops request that you call ahead to make an appointment. Full upfront payment is generally requested by the shops despite insurance coverage.

Medicare does not reimburse for wig purchase. TRICARE will reimburse 80% authorized purchase made for a TRICARE provider only. For breast products, a Medicare purchase requires a prescription and generally covers 80% of allowable cost. TRICARE will only reimburse authorized purchase made from a TRICARE provider.

Breast Products and Wigs:

  • A Special Touch
    41 Old Solomon’s Is. Rd.
    Suite 102
    Annapolis MD
    (410) 571-6203
  • Charlotte’s Hairline Inc.
    78710 Honeygo Blvd. near White Marsh Mall
    Baltimore, MD
  • Equip For Life
    1101 Jefferson Blvd.
    Hagerstown MD
  • Fran’s Nu Image Inc.
    12480 Mattawoman Dr.
    Suite 202
    Chaney Building
    North Waldorf, MD
    (301) 843-9282
  • I’m Still Me
    5441 Old Alexandria Tpke
    Warrenton VA
    (540) 878-2136

Medicare and TRICARE patients will need a prescription from their doctor for the products.

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Pediatric Oncology: (301) 400-1664    
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