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As the DoD’s flagship rehabilitation clinic, we’re committed to providing high quality health care with a wide spectrum of services for Wounded Warriors, active duty Service Members, Veterans, and other beneficiaries. We leverage technology and evidence-based rehabilitation medicine to provide patient-centered, individualized therapy. Our highly qualified and specialized staff are equipped to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation experience. It is our goal is to set the highest standards for our profession by assisting and educating patients through exemplary specialized wellness services and customized programs. 

**The Physical Therapy Service offers both in-person and tele-health options. Please ask about these capabilities when you make your first appointment. All appointments and classes are subject to change during the COVID-19 pandemic according to the Health Protection Condition level.

Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic

The Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic offers a variety of services to meet patients’ rehabilitation needs. We provide skilled care to address deficits and impairments so patients can meet their functional goals. Each course of care starts with a thorough evaluation performed by a highly skilled licensed physical therapist. Recognizing the importance of individualized treatment plans, they are developed only after a one-on-one evaluation which can be virtual or face-to-face.  Treatment may include:
  • Home exercise programs, 
  • Scheduled rehab appointments in our gym 
  • Referrals for other specialists 
  • Follow up evaluations to review patient progress
Our facility houses a variety of equipment for strengthening, balance and endurance. While many orthopedic diagnoses can be improved without surgery, our physical therapists also provide post-operative care focused on improving functional outcomes.

Group Classes

Patients with certain conditions may benefit from physical therapy in small group sessions. Classes that may be recommended by your physical therapist are:
  • Back on track
  • Knee and ankle
  • Living well with chronic pain
  •  Aquatic therapy 

Your First Appointment

  • Please allow extra time for base access and parking.
  • Please wear appropriate workout clothes for your appointment.
  • Locker rooms are available for use before and after therapy.

Clinic Policy

Please call ahead of your scheduled appointment time if you need to cancel or reschedule. 

Inpatient Physical Therapy Clinic

The Inpatient Physical Therapy Clinic plays a dynamic role in the hospital setting. Our physical therapists complete bedside evaluations to maximize function and independent mobility during and after the hospital stay. With a consult from the medical team, this may include:
  • Comprehensive education 
  • Mobility training 
  • Evidence-based interventions
  • Discharge recommendations including additional rehab and equipment 

Post-operative Care

Physical therapy is an active part of post-operative hospital recovery. Patients will usually receive physical therapy within 24-48 hours after surgery if an appropriate consult request is received from the surgery team.

Intensive Care Unit 

Early mobilization of post-surgical and critically ill patients has been found to be beneficial in overall recovery. The physical therapy team is well trained to mobilize patients that are being cared for in the intensive care unit. 

COVID-19 Unit

Bedside evaluation and rehabilitation for hospitalized patients diagnosed with COVID-19 is available with a consult request from the medical team. 

Limb Loss/Polytrauma Care Physical Therapy Services

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center is home to one of the three Department of Defense Advanced Rehabilitation Centers. An Advanced Rehabilitation Center (ARC) addresses the complex needs of individuals with severe limb dysfunction, including amputation, and addresses care for military beneficiaries of all ages. Typically, limb dysfunction addressed in an ARC is of such a nature that amputation was considered; and there are usually other injuries along with the limb trauma or amputation. 

Through partnering with the best amputation care facilities and researchers in the world, ARCs provide state-of-the-art care to DoD beneficiaries, allied military personnel and select civilians from around the globe. Their unique, transdisciplinary team approach to providing care has resulted in unprecedented innovation and technological advancement in limb trauma and amputation care. 

Our Military Advanced Training Center (MATC) is a state-of-the-art facility that provides comprehensive, integrative, and world-class rehabilitation care using appropriate advanced technologies and therapies. The program restores function, promotes independence, and facilitates successful re-integration for all beneficiaries with the most complex polytrauma injuries, severe medical conditions, and/or limb loss.

Specialty Services 

Our physical therapists also provide services within other clinics at Walter Reed Bethesda including:
  • Breast Care and Research Center: Rehabilitation services are provided during and after breast cancer treatment including preoperative assessment and education in collaboration with the multidisciplinary oncology team. Cancer rehabilitation addresses pain, decreased range of motion, scar tissue adhesions, negative pressure medical devices, radiation fibrosis, fatigue related to treatment for cancer, decreased balance and lymphedema therapy. 
  • Internal Medicine Clinic: Evaluation and treatment of active duty service members with acute musculoskeletal pain conditions is provided as part of our mission to maintain physical readiness and improve the functional outcomes of our military service members.
  • National Intrepid Center of Excellence (Traumatic Brain Injury): For more information, please visit the their webpage. 
  • Neurosurgery Clinic: Specialized pre and post-operative education for spinal pathologies is provided.   
  • Pediatrics: A skilled physical therapist specializing in developmental pediatrics and neonatal disorders is embedded in the pediatric department. For a formal pediatric physical therapy evaluation, please contact your pediatrician for a referral. 
  • Urogynecology Clinic: Examination and treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction related to bladder and bowel urgency and incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, as well as pelvic and sexual pain syndromes is provided. We examine and treat symptoms from a neuromusculoskeletal perspective, working closely with physicians from various services such as Urogynecology, Gynecology, Urology, Gastroenterology, Colorectal Surgery, Pain Management, and Internal Medicine to provide comprehensive treatment. *Please note that Pelvic Health Physical Therapy services are available to both female and male patients.

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