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The Gynecologic Oncology Service and Translational Research Center of Excellence provides comprehensive, cutting-edge care for women with gynecologic cancers or other complex pelvic pathology. Our patients are supported by board-certified gynecologic oncologists and highly trained ancillary staff in all aspects of care – from first diagnosis to follow-up care. We employ state of the art minimally invasive surgical techniques when possible including the latest da Vinci® Surgical System platforms. This results in precise surgery and often shorter hospital stays and recovery time. Innovations in other surgical techniques make fertility preservation an option for some patients with a cancer diagnosis. In addition to surgery, we ensure our patients are offered the most up-to-date and evidence-based cancer treatments. Our affiliation with the Gynecologic Oncology Group and our own investigator initiated trials allow us to provide a variety of in-house clinical research opportunities for our patients. Our close relationship with and proximity to the National Institutes of Health affords unprecedented access to the trials offered by our National Cancer Institute colleagues.

The Gynecologic Cancer Center of Excellence will provide you the best care in the National Capital Region. Once you have your referral, please contact our administrator / scheduler at 301.400.1258.

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Main: (301) 400-1258
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