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Inpatient Clinical Nutrition Services

Patient Room Service
We provide personalized service and made-to-order meals within 45 minutes of placing an order. 

Room Service Ambassadors provide each patient with a menu specific to the diet his or her doctor ordered, and are available to assist patients during their stay. Patients can request meals or snacks by phone from 6am to 6:30pm. A Room Service Ambassador is always available to take an order at the bedside. 

Patients may also order meals in advance to coordinate around scheduled treatments or appointments. If patients are admitted after normal operating hours (6:30pm to 6am), nursing staff can obtain an evening snack from CafĂ© 8901 Express. 

Patients may wish to have guests dine with them during a visit. Guests may order from the Room Service menu and pay for meals in the main dining room.

Inpatient Nutrition Services
Inpatient dietitians provide comprehensive medical nutrition therapy for patients prioritized as needing nutrition assessment and medical nutrition intervention. Our providers are registered dietitians with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and hold state licensure. Many dietitians on staff have certifications in specialty areas such as nutrition support, renal disease, diabetes, and oncology.

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Room Service Call Center:(301) 400-2713Patients:EAT (328)

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Bldg 9 Basement


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