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Transition Assistance Management Program

The Navy Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and the Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (previously ACAP) have joined together to offer comprehensive transition & employment services for all service members. Whether you are deciding on your military career goals, retiring or separating, the FFSC can assist with your transition to civilian life. Our trained transition professionals can assist with employment referrals, resume writing, interview prep, benefits (current and veteran), relocation, job data bases, employer networking/hiring events, financial planning, compressive individualized career assessments, and scheduling of the 5-day Transition GPS workshop. Service members who are planning to leave the military or retire are encouraged to take advantage of all the services offered through their FFSC at no cost. Spouses and Civilians are also welcome to participate.

For more information contact us at, (301) 319-4087 or usn.bethesda.nsabethesdamd.list.NNMC-FFSC@mail.mil.

Please see below for more information on the following topics:
  • Transition Timelines
  • Preseperation and Transition GPS
  • CAPSTONE Appointments
  • DoD Transition Website
  • JKO Training


Service members may begin the transition process up to 24 months before scheduled separation. Service members are encouraged to begin this process 24 months before retirement and 12 months before separation.

PreSeparation and TGPS Workshop Registration

USN Personnel

Contact your local Command Career Counselor
NSA Bethesda personnel: 301-295-5210
WRNMMC personnel: 301-295-6483

USMC Personnel

Contact your Unit
Transition Counselor

USA Personnel

Contact local SFL-TAP Office
Bethesda personnel 301.400.1992/93

All Other Personnel

Contact FFSC
Bldg. 11

Additional Transition Two-day Tracks

Service members have the option of selecting one or more two-day tailored tracks in addition to the TGPS Core Curriculum; Accessing Higher Education, a Career Technical Training Track, and an Entrepreneur Track.

Boots to Business

This 2-day Transition Assistance Program Self-Employment Intensive Training Workshop is offered in collaboration among the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF), DoD and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Accessing Higher Education

By selecting this Track, you have decided that higher education will be part of your career development path. This course is designed to guide you through the variety of decisions involved in choosing a degree completion program, preparing for the college admissions application process, and identifying funding sources.

Career Technical Training

The course is designed for individuals interested in a trade or technical field in order to obtain employment. Service members select reputable Technical Schools to compare several factors: number of credits needed for completion, credit transfers, time it takes to complete the program, tuition costs and fees, GI Bill acceptance and admission standards.


Capstone is the final step in the transition process and is mandatory. This event evaluates preparedness to successfully transition from the military to civilian sector and to validate that Career Readiness Standards are met. If additional resources are needed, transition staff will provide the appropriate referrals to partner agencies as resources. Capstone should be conducted 90-120 days before separation. Contact your local TAP office to schedule your appointment.

DoD Transition Website

From this site, Service members and their spouses can:

  1. Learn about the new Transition GPS (Goals, Plans, Success) curriculum
  2. Determine how and where to start preparing for their transition to civilian life
  3. Discover a host of online resources regarding VA benefits, financial planning assistance, and assessing and documenting their skills for transition to civilian life https://www.DODTAP.mil.

JKO Training

JKO provides global, distributed access virtually to service members on demand. Designed for those geographically isolated from installations or forward deployed, JKO may be the only option to get your transition process underway. The Virtual Curriculum does not replace brick-and-mortar transition assistance programs but enhances the availability for all service members throughout the Military Life Cycle.


JKO Mobile for eBooks and Job Aids The JKO Mobile App is a free download for Apple and Android devises. You can download eBooks of a variety of Transition GPS curriculum modules. Using the JKO Mobile app, select “Public Access” and go to “Library”. Find the desired Transition GPS content and select the “yellow” download icon and the “green arrow” to open download content.

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