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Plastic Surgery

Our mission is to restore quality of life and function for our patients who have physical defects or damage.

What is plastic surgery?

"The specialty of plastic surgery deals with the excision, repair, replacement, and reconstruction of defects of form and function of the integument and its underlying musculoskeletal system, with emphasis on the craniofacial structures, the oral pharanx, the upper and lower limbs, the trunk, the breasts, and the external undesirable form." American Board of Plastic Surgery.


The origin of "plastic" is the Greek word "Plastikos" - to mold and reshape.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a specialty which applies surgical principles to the patient's unique needs by remolding and reshaping tissue. It is devoted to solving difficult wound healing problems. The goal is to restore an injured or deformed body with a superior aesthetic result.

Conditions Treated

  • War Trauma/Reconstructive Microsurgery Unit
  • Pediatric/Craniofacial Surgery Unit
  • Peripheral Nerve, Brachial Plexus
  • General/Oncologic Reconstruction
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Craniofacial Clinic

Cosmetic Surgery

Our mission priority is reconstructive surgery for trauma and cancer patients. Most reconstructive procedures are TRICARE covered benefits and patients are entitled to appointments within 30 days.

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is not a TRICARE covered benefit and will only be performed as resources allow. Examples of cosmetic surgery include liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lifting, face lifting, abdominoplasty, and blepharoplasty. If these procedures are offered, patients must pay the federally mandated surgical fees before surgery. This cosmetic surgery billing policy applies to all patients, active duty or otherwise. Also, initial cosmetic surgery appointments often require patients to wait beyond the usual 30 day window.

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery, your doctor may submit a consult request. The outcome of that request will be determined largely on the department's space availability.

Thank you for understanding our need to prioritize patient care.

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