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Patient Parking

A portion of Brown Drive will be closed indefinitely beginning 13 April, 2020. For appointments in America Building (19), please use the North Gate (1) to park in America Garage (63). For appointments in Arrowhead (9) and Eagle (10), please use the South Gate (2) to park in Arrowhead Garage (55). 

  • Bldg 63 (America Garage)
  • Bldg 55

Staff Parking

To park at NSA Bethesda, you will need a parking permit issued by NSA Bethesda.

  • Bldg 17
  • Bldg 32
  • Bldg 57
  • Bldg 71
  • Z Lot
  • D Lot

Volunteer Parking

  • Bldg 32
  • Bldg 55

Vendor Parking

  • Bldg 55

Public Parking in Bethesda

Public parking options are available in downtown Bethesda. Staff can park in these areas and then ride the Metro to the Medical Center Station. Transit benefits can be applied to the Metrorail cost, but not to public parking expenses.  

Metrorail Station Parking

Parking is available at 44 metrorail stations. The list of Metrorail stations and the daily costs for parking can be found on the WMATA website. The cost of parking is not included in the Mass Transit Fringe Benefit program. *The parking facility at the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro Station is only one stop from the Medical Center Station.

Park and Ride Lots 

Located throughout Washington Metropolitan Region. In most cases, parking is free and there is a connection to the Metrorail via buses that can be paid for using the Transit Benefit Program. For Park and Ride Lots in the Metropolitan Washington Region (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia), please review the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments website. Meet your carpoolers or take public transportation from here:
  • Northern Virginia
  • Montgomery County
  • Prince George's County
  • Frederick County
  • Anne Arundel County

Carpool/Vanpool Carpool Parking at WRNMMC 

Parking designated for carpools is on Level 1 in Bldg 17 and on the third floor of Bldg 32. All employees, including contractors are eligible for carpool parking permits. Distribution of carpool permits is managed by the NSAB Transportation Officer.

To learn about vanpool options, please visit:

Bicycle Rack Locations

  • Building 5
  • Building 17
  • Building 27
  • Building 32
  • Building 51 (NICoE)
  • Building 55
  • Building 62
  • Building 63 (America Garage) 
  • Building 147
  • Q Lot
  • USU Basement

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Are you an Active Duty member, or a Resident Checking In?
Report to your specific command upon arrival. After an initial check in, you will be directed to the Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), in Bldg. 17, for processing of your personnel and pay records. You will then return to your command to complete your check-in procedures that includes mandatory enrollment in Tricare Prime. If you need assistance after hours, visit the WRNMMC Command Duty Office in Bldg. 10, 1st floor lobby, or call (301) 295-4611.
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Manpower Management
Phone: (301) 319-4900
Location: Bldg. 1, 5th floor
Naval Medical Research Center
Phone: (301) 319-7403
Location: Bldg. 17 – 2nd floor
Navy Medicine Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education
Phone: (301) 295-1251
Location: Bldg. 1, 17th floor
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
Phone: (301) 295-3423
Location: Bldg. 71
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