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Thank a Nurse!

At WRNMMC, we believe our nurses should be recognized all year long. Our nurses are AMAZING, but we don't want them to just take our word for it. If you have a message of appreciation you'd like to share with our nursing staff, please send it to us! You can send us a private message on our Facebook page, or send us an email to dha.bethesda.j-11.mbx.wrnm-pao@mail.mil

Thank you for helping us share your appreciation for our amazing nurses!

Dear WRNMMC Nurses,

We hope the messages below will serve as words of encouragement for whenever you need to know that you are appreciated!

  1. Our nurses are AMAZING! The absolute BEST! Thank you for the wonderful care you provide! – W. S.
  2. CAPS has the best nurses on the planet: Ms. Claxton and Mrs. Makumbu! Their dedication to patient care is outstanding! It is an honor to work with them! – L. S.
  3. They are always in my heart. I appreciate their care at the Breast Cancer Center. Thanks. – K. G.
  4. The nurses in the oncology clinic treatment room are the best and most caring nurses ever! – K. B.
  5. Our Nurses are THE best, professional, caring and compassionate under the most challenging circumstances! Thank you sincerely for all that you do. – T. S.
  6. I don’t know if she’s there anymore, but Kathy in ICU took wonderful care of my father multiple times. This was over ten years ago. There were other fantastic nurses and I’m sorry I can’t recall their names. All of them terrific! – E. G.
  7. They made my stay there very enjoyable. Hard working dedicated staff at Walter Reed. Great Job Guys!   – F. J.
  8. Whether at the bed side or behind the scenes, I truly believe that our nurses are the glue holding everything together.  – J. B.
  9. Wonderful nurses in Prescreen APU, APU, PACU and in Surgery. Hugs from Mama Baer. – V. B.
  10. I worked Neuropsych, Bldg. 7, at BNH 1964 - 1966, and saluted Navy nurses every day. – M. O.
  11. We love our NICoE nurses!!!!! – M. M.
  12. Thank you Nurses!! You are awesome! – L. A.
  13. I would like to commend my ER nurse, Lieutenant Andrea Jefferson. Though my ER visit was a stressful time for my wife and me, LT Jefferson's professionalism and bubbly personality contributed greatly to putting my wife and me at ease. – J. M.
  14. BZ to all the hard working nurses. – A. M.
  15. We love our Pediatrics Nurses on 3W, PICU, NICU, MICC, and PCMH! – NCC Pediatrics Residency at Walter Reed-Bethesda
  16. Nurses healing hands soothes those who are sick and injured. Thank you for your hard work. – A.M. 
  17. Nurses are our heroes too! – A.M.
  18. Thanks – S.C.
  19. Thank you to Alanna Harmon-Guerrero for your work, dedication and always giving the extra mile for all your patients! – M.
  20. Grateful to the healing hands of the nurses not only at WRNMMC but nurses all over the USA. – A.M. 
  21. (Posted Salute Image) – M.O.
  22. (WRNMMC Nurses: You deserve to be recognized.) All of them, every single one. – L.H.
  23. BZ to all the nurses who serve as mentors to junior enlisted. – A.M.
  24. (Responding to Video of Lt. Krys Coulter) You are one of the most amazing nurses I have ever worked with!! And your story makes me understand your passion for what you do. Thank you for sharing. – T.J.H.
  25. (Responding to Video of Lt. Krys Coulter) You are amazing!!! I had my daughter there. Best care ever! – S.S.
  26. Thank you to all the nurses at the Murtha Cancer Center. You make these difficult times a little easier with your caring and compassion. An extra special shout out to Melanie Cordoro NP. – G.R.
  27. (Responding to Video of Lt. Krys Coulter) I am so glad we met and worked together. You’re amazing! – S.J.
  28. (Responding to Video of Lt. Krys Coulter) So excellent! – D.L.
  29. (Responding to Video of Lt. Krys Coulter) Wow love you girl. – K.Y.
  30. (Responding to Video of Lt. Krys Coulter) YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST! I miss you so much! – L.G.
  31. My hats off to all the nurses. – A.M.
  32. My son who has had some life changing medical issues was recently hospitalized here. He had some of the most caring nurses, and his neurological medical team is absolutely fantastic! Very compassionate and understanding. – A.A.
  33. They are very professional, affectionate, they love their work, they do it with passion and respect their patients and families, they give their all, they focus on what they do to save lives and to provide the best care to their patients, I admire them very much, thank you for that labor of love they do. – E.S.
  34. I made a list on my phone of all the nurses I could get the name of during my 2 week stay over a year ago! And, I still have it on my phone. Sometimes I could only remember their first name or last names. Unless they wrote their name on my daily board, I had to guess at spelling. I will blame it on pain meds and COVID masks for that lack of name. I know there are some names of nurses and staff I missed, but I remember they were there. But, they were all caring and many of them memorable. I should have made them all write their names down in my phone list for correct names. – A.H.S.
  35. Nurse appreciation list. I was admitted to Walter Reed for about 2 weeks. By the time I was dismissed many of these medical care takers were changing shifts and rotating to different units. So, I did not get to say a proper farewell and THANK YOU to most of them. And, I wanted to share the names (limited, misspelled or missed all together). Some were civilians and some were in uniform. How I remember their names do not always reflect that. And, How I remember them is often based on our conversations or brief moments with them: They were all having to wear COVID masks all the time. So that often left me to recognize them by their voice, hair style or head covering. Over a year has passed since my surgery that had MANY and strange side effects, which is why I was there for so long. 1. Papa Joe (he was so comforting and assuring that I WOULD get better), 2. Liz, 3. Emily, 4. Anne Olson, 4. Gladys (a nursing student and SO very caring and gentle. She held my hand when I cried), 5. Udo, 6. Adora, 7. Nina Beck (even if she was not my nurse on duty, she often answered the call bell). 8. TJ Wards, 9. Swoope, 10. Nurse De Silva (We had some great conversations), 11. Angela (she sang and hummed while she did her work), 12. Hakeem (I’m sure I’m remember[ing] the name wrong). 13. Yesuf 14. Fontaine 15. Bonds 16. Tabugbo 17. Tran 18. Amanda 19. James 20. Haja (another name that I think is not complete) 21. Goodman 22. 2nd. Lt. Ray Brenner . THANK YOU for all your care during my long and strange hospital time. You are not forgotten and are much appreciated. – A.H.S.
  36. They are GOLDEN (insert flag, red heart, and praying hands emojis)! – E.M.
  37. Healing hands of the nurses at WRNMMC. – A.M.
  38. Love all the nurses, especially the ones I speak to when they call the Surgical Waiting Room. Hugs from Mama Baer, Red Cross Volunteer. Special hugs to the nurses that took care of me in January 2013. – V.B.
  39. Thank you for your dedication to our patients! – W.S.
  40. I have been followed for pancreatic cancer for a number of years. Our (not just yours!) nurses have been amazing every step of the way. God bless them all (insert heart emoji). – S.M.
  41. So grateful for all the nurses!!! Excellent care during my kidney transplant & continue receiving great care! I love Walter Reed! – V.P.
  42. Continued blessings to you. I'm a kidney cancer survivor and adore the wonderful staff at Walter Reed. Mommy hugs to all the nurses!!!!!! – V.P.
  43. You even got to give your nephew his first bath because you were so famous at Duke Hospital. We all got to watch you do it while his mom wasn’t able… she was being sewed up (insert loveable emoji). – C.J.
  44. Aww…go Kim! You are an amazing nurse (insert loveable emoji). – K.S.
  45. Yay Kimberly Johnson Quintanilla!! Rockstar (insert praise and heart emojis). – B.C.
  46. Go Kim! Our nurses rock!! – L.A.
  47. From a former Hospital Corpsman, Bethesda Naval Hospital, 1964 – 1966: (insert salute graphic). – M.O.
  48. Love it!!! And that is such a you comment/reason Kim (insert smiley and heart emojis). – B.M.
  49. Absolutely one of the best nurses! Thankful everyday that Kimberly Johnson Quintanilla was there to take care of my baby (insert heart emoji). – B.D.
  50. She’s one of the best there is! – J.M.
  51. Yay Kimberly Johnson Quintanilla (insert heart emojis). Kimmie is such an amazing nurse and person! We love her! – D.A.
  52. One of the best. – J.H.
  53. Yea You! So many good memories of my time in the NICU working together and caring for our wee ones. – J.G.
  54. This is fabulous Kimberly!! (insert heart emoji) – S.K.
  55. Yay Kimberly Johnson Quintanilla! – M.K.
  56. The best!!! (insert heart emojis) – L.G.
  57. (insert “Thank You” GIF) – W.S.
  58. (insert salute graphic) – M.O.
  59. Yes!! Love the care y’all have provided my son!!! Our family here in Oklahoma appreciate all of the nursing staff!!! Y’all are awesome!! – S.G.
  60. #rockstar #WRnursesrock! #WRwins (insert celebration emojis) – W.S.
  61. That's my MAJ!!! – M.M.
  62. (insert praying hands and heart emojis) for taking care of my hubby! – E.M.
  63. Hi Tiffany! (insert yellow ribbon and heart emojis) – K.S.
  64. From a former Neuropsychiatry Technician at Bethesda Naval Hospital, 1964 – 1966 (insert salute graphic). – M.O.
  65. Phenomenal department head and an amazing nurse! PHO was a place I will miss (insert heart emoji). – J.M.
  66. Tiffany was my son and daughter's infusion nurse so many times. We love her and the whole WR HEMOC team. Miss you all so much!!! Thomas and Emily especially miss you, infusions just aren’t the same down here. (insert smile emoji) – A.L.
  67. Tiffany is an amazing Pediatric Nurse and leader. Loved working with her. – J.S.
  68. I was at WRAMC in 1970. The care was excellent and the nurses were wonderful. – B.C.
  69. Beautiful (insert excited emoji) nurse!!! – S.P.
  70. Hi Tiffany -you are the best!! You look great and I miss the days in clinic with you! –R.H.
  71. They are the best! (insert “Awesome” GIF) – V.P.
  72. Thanks for all you do Tiffany!! (insert heart yellow ribbon emojis) – B.M.
  73. There’s my Service Chief! (insert checkmark emoji) – M.H.
  74. I love them too! Top notch in the profession! – I.S.
  75. Tiffany James is amazing! – J.M.
  76. Steve Springer is the consummate professional!! He gives so much to his patients and their families! Grateful for the opportunity to see him work his magic every day!! – G.R.

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Please send us a note of appreciation to share with our nurses. You can send it via private message on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or send an email to dha.bethesda.j-11.mbx.wrnm-pao@mail.mil.

Thank YOU for trusting us with your care and taking the time to say "thanks" to your nurse!  
Thank a Nurse
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