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New Patients

This is the paper work we will ask you to fill out when you arrive for your first visit. Below are three forms. You may wish to print them and fill them out beforehand. If you do, please fill in your NAME and SSN on any form that you fill out.

Form #1 (Everyone) Informed Consent. Please read the top portion and complete the bottom portion (email consent) if you agree. Email is used as a venue to send you information to expedite your care.

Informed Consent

Form #2 (Roland Morris) If you have pain in your lower back or lower extremities (legs, feet, etc…) please fill out the front and back of this form.

Roland Morris Form

Form #3 (Neck form) If you have pain in your neck, upper back, or upper extremities (arms, hands, etc…) please fill out the front and back of this form

Neck Form


Healthy People
Planning Your Visit

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Monday thru Friday 0700 - 1530

Telephone Number(s)

DSN:295-5160Front Desk:(301) 295-5160Appointments:(301) 295-6289Toll free Out of Area Appointments:(855) 227-6331

Additional Information

Active Duty, Referral from your Primary Care Manager
Priority is given to WRNMMC Prime patients

Building 19 Floor 1

(Arrival 15 min early for your appointment)


Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.