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Integrated Patient-Centered Medical Home

Integrated Patient-Centered Medical Home allows patients to take charge of their health.

The basic concepts and tenets of Medical Home include Primary Care Manager (PCM), Team Based Healthcare, Improved Access, Proactive Healthcare, Coordination with Medical and Surgical Specialists and Improved Communication and Information Systems.

Medical Home (MH) is a term based on the concept that the patient is always at the center of every decision made regarding their care. MH patients receive closer, more personalized care coordinated with an entire team and have improved access to their primary care provider. Patients also have new medical and community resources at their disposal. It is our priority that a patient’s PCM remains the same as long as he/ she continues to work at WRNMMC. This provides improved continuity of care, and allows the patient and the PCM to develop a closer relationship and partnership.

The Team Approach

MH patients will have an entire team responsible for their healthcare which includes the PCM, a Registered Nurse (RN), a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and/or a Hospital Corpsman. This team works together to fulfill administrative requests, book appointments directly and provide additional medical services. For urgent issues, a MH patient is able to call and schedule an appointment for that same day. For routine appointments and on-going (chronic) health issues, patients can speak to a team member and schedule a timely appointment with the PCM directly. A team member will also contact patients directly to ensure that healthcare needs are met.

Specialist care and referrals are made easier because a MH team member will see WRNMMC specialist appointments are made, and will help schedule these services so that the process is made easier for the patient. If referred to the network, a team member will assist with the referral and ensure that the results and follow-up are reported directly to the PCM.

Patient and Family – Centered Care (PFCC)

PFCC is “an approach to health care based on beneficial partnerships among health care providers, patients and families.” (Adapted from the Institute for Family Centered Care)

At WRNMMC, you are an equal partner in your health care. You decide if a family member or friend accompanies you to your clinic visit or hospital stay. Your cultural background, values and beliefs are respected.
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