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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment dating back to 1000s of years. One theory on how it works is that the needling process stimulates nerve fibers that then transmits signals to the spinal cord and brain which then releases hormones responsible for making us feel better. Some studies using brain images confirm that acupuncture increases pain threshold, which may explain why it produces long-term pain relief and improves overall health. 

How to Get a Referral for Acupuncture

You will have to get a referral to the Pain Management Clinic from your provider. The referral must specifically state that it's for acupuncture and provide the reason acupuncture is recommended. Once the referral has been processed, you can call the front desk of the Pain Management Clinic to make an appointment.

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Appointments: (301) 319-8600 ext.139
Initial Appointments: (301) 295-6288
Toll Free (Out of Area): (855) 227-6331


Monday - Friday: 0730 - 1600

Additional Information

A consult (referral) is required.


Building 9 Floor 3

From the Arrowhead Patient Garage (Bldg 55), enter the medical center on first floor of Building 9 (directly across from the patient parking lot). Take the hall all the way to the other end by The Wedge coffee shop. Then take the elevators in front of the coffee shop to the 3rd floor. Come out of the elevator, turn to the left, and take an immediate left to enter the hall. We are about half way down the hall on the right side.
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