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What is Mind Body Medicine?

Mind Body Medicine is based on the fact that the mind and body are intimately connected.  Awareness and attention to the body are critical, and without attending to the body and incorporating biological skills into treatment modalities, we can miss the opportunity for healing.

Available Mind Body Treatments

Trauma Resiliency Model - This biologically based therapy model, which regulates the nervous system, is a simple set of skills that people can use to move from distress to a calming state (resiliency zone). Through exercises that teach patients how to pay attention to their own resources and strengths, especially in their bodies, they learn to move through traumatic/stressful experiences more easily.

Therapeutic Touch - The gentle and respectful use of healing touch promotes resiliency and self-regulation to recover from traumatic stress. Patients have reported that the use of therapeutic touch in regimen has helped bring a deeper sense of relaxation, and capacity to cope with pain.

Flower Essences - Taken to balance, stabilize and repair the body’s nervous system during times of injury, stress and illness. They can help to calm, relax and reduce pain. They are safe, natural and have no negative side-effects unlike some medications.

Nutritional Counseling - Learning about some simple changes in your diet that can decrease inflammation and reduce pain, improve mood and energy.

For more information please contact Lois Clinton, LCSW

Email: Lois.A.Clinton.ctr@mail.mil

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