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Dental Clinics

The Directorate of Dental Services is responsible for the dental care and health readiness for primarily active-duty patients at WRNMMC and the surrounding areas.

The Department of Primary Care Dentistry handles annual dental readiness exams, sick-call, and other primary dental needs.

The Department of Health Readiness conducts medical readiness services (periodic health assessments), operational/deployment health services, and active-duty medical and dental record services.

The Hospital Dental Clinic provides referral specialty dental services to active-duty patients in the areas of prosthodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, and oral pathology. The clinic also supports the urgent dental needs of hospital in-patients and emergency department support.

The Pentagon Dental Clinic provides dental services to include exams, sick-call, and specialty dental care to active-duty patients assigned to the Pentagon and the immediate area.

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