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H Lot Parking Garage

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H Lot is a new parking garage near the Child Development Center (CDC).

“[H-Lot] is between the Navy Lodge (Building 52), the bowling alley (Building 56) and the CDC (Building 87),” said construction manager Lt. j.g. Quintrell Mazant.

Before the garage opens, there will be a deficit in parking with the opening of the temporary medical facilities in what was formerly known as G-Lot.

“Opening H-Lot is part of the approved overall medical center consolidated master plan,” said NSAB transportation officer Ryan Emery. “The garage is being built to accommodate staff on board. Initially there will be a loss of approximately 320 spots, but they will be regained when H-Lot opens.”

Mazant said H-Lot will be able to accommodate more than 600 vehicles.

The garage will serve the overall demand for parking, but will also have a primary mission.

“This garage will primarily serve the Medical Facilities Development and the overall need for parking across NSA Bethesda,” said Mazant.

The H-Lot garage is more than halfway complete.

“The contractor has currently raised more than 50% of the precast panels,” said Mazant.
Construction is expected to be completed in the spring.

Construction is expected to be completed in the spring.

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