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Mask Policy

Posted 9 March 2022

Masks are required to enter Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) and are expected to be worn at all times, even if you are fully vaccinated or boosted, and regardless of installation or county guidance. 

The health and safety of our patients, families, and staff members are our top priorities. The CDC recommends that masks and physical distancing are required when going to the doctor’s office, hospitals, and long-term care facilities. WRNMMC is following this recommendation and requires that all staff, patients and caregivers/visitors wear a mask in any WRNMMC building. This applies to both clinical and administrative spaces.

If admitted to the hospital, the following mask guidance applies to you and your 
  • Patients: When any person enters your hospital room, you are required to wear a medical grade mask unless you’re unable to wear one because of a medical condition or the mask needs to be removed for an examination or treatment. If you leave your room for any reason, you are required to wear a mask. If unable to wear a mask, you will need to always “Cover Your Cough” with tissues or your sleeve.
  • Caregivers/visitors: You’re required to wear a medical grade mask at all times, even in the patient’s room. Ask a member of the nursing staff for a medical grade mask if you don’t already have one. 
  • Patients and Caregivers/visitors: Your mask must fit tightly to your face and cover your nose and mouth. If your mask is damaged, moist or hard to breathe through, ask the nursing staff for a new one. If unable to wear a mask, you will need to always “Cover Your Cough” with tissues or your sleeve.
Wearing a mask can protect you and your loved ones from coming in contact with a respiratory virus such as the novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The Omicron variant has proven to be highly contagious. The same could be said for future variants. Vaccinated individuals, including those who have received a booster, have experienced break through viral infections. Transmission from those who are infected without showing any symptoms can occur. Therefore, it’s important to follow CDC guidance to wear a mask, continue to practice social distancing, and clean your hands often. 

Thank you for your partnership as we work together to keep our community safe.
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