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News | July 2, 2024

Patients rate Walter Reed providers with 100 percent satisfaction

By Bernard Little

Six Walter Reed health care providers and the administrative staff of the Radiation Therapy clinic earned recognition in the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) Joint Outpatient Experience Survey (JOES) Best of the Best report for the second quarter of 2024, recently released by Military Health System (MHS) officials.

Walter Reed’s Deborah Jolissaint (Urology), Air Force Lt. Col. (Dr.) Rachel Lieberman (Ophthalmology), Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Kevin Broderick (Ophthalmology), Stacy Walsh-Pouch (Cardiology), Dr. Briana Newkirk (Primary Care) and U.S. Navy Capt. (Dr.) William Shimeall (Primary Care) are listed among the JOES Best of the Best.

To enhance the patient experience, the MHS asks its beneficiaries to rate their care and patient experience. Responses are reported quarterly and annually in the JOES Best of the Best reports which contain the top-performing clinics, providers, clerks, and receptionists, each broken out by primary care and specialty care.

Jolissaint, Lieberman, Broderick and Walsh-Pouch are listed among the specialty care providers with 100 percent satisfaction, and Newkirk and Shimeall are listed among the primary care providers with 100 percent satisfaction.

DHA officials explained that the 100 percent satisfaction reports are updated quarterly and list all the clinics, providers, and clerks and receptionists that received at least 10 responses with 100 percent satisfaction.

Deborah Jolissaint

Jolissaint is a nurse practitioner in the Center for Prostate Disease Research (CPDR) at Walter Reed. “I find the interaction with my patients the most important and enjoyable thing that I do,” she said. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve those who have served their country. I come from a family [whose members] have served, and this is just my way of serving.”

Some of Jolissaint’ s patients have stated the following about her: “It doesn’t get better than Deborah Jolissaint.” “The best urology provider – she is an all-star.” “She is very compassionate, professional and thorough every visit.” “I trust Deborah with my cancer care immensely.” “She is a good listener and always places my health care first.”

Air Force Lt. Col. (Dr.) Rachel Lieberman

Lieberman, an ophthalmologist and the director of the National Capital Consortium Ophthalmology Residency Program. “I find it’s important to identify what the patient actually needs, not what you think [the patient] needs,” she said, adding, “I was inspired to pursue ophthalmology because of my love for surgery.”

In addition to caring for patients, Lieberman, as the program director of the NCC Ophthalmology Residency Program, oversees the training of Army and Navy military ophthalmology residents, “ensuring they’re ready to graduate and practice medicine and surgery independently.”

“As a member of the Air Force, I have enjoyed working with the Army and Navy here at Walter Reed more than I can say,” she added. “It’s truly a tri-service environment and I have been grateful to experience such camaraderie, good humor and support among my colleagues.”

Some of Lieberman patients said the following about her: “Dr. Lieberman is truly exceptional – engaged, knowledgeable, caring – overall outstanding.” “Professional, courteous, attentive and prompt.” “She’s a top-notch ophthalmologist.” “Dr. Lieberman is totally professional, poised, and dedicated.”

Army Lt. Col. (Dr.) Kevin Broderick

Broderick is chief of vitreoretinal surgery in the Department of Ophthalmology at Walter Reed. He cares for medical and surgical diseases of the retina and vitreous. He explained that he was inspired to pursue the specialty after he suffered a significant ocular injury in college. “That made me greatly appreciate both the value and fragility of sight, so I wanted to spend my career helping those who faced the same fears that I had once - the fear of losing sight,” he said.

“The continuity of care established with many of my patients who I've been treating for years with various retinal disorders, as well as the unique complexity of vitreoretinal surgery, are what I find most rewarding about what I do,” Broderick added.

Some of Broderick’s patients stated the following about him: “Dr. Broderick is a GREAT doctor!” “Very thorough.” “Very professional. He answered all my concerns!” “Dr. Broderick is courteous, competent and knowledgeable.” “Excellent doctor. Caring, kind and professional!” “Treated me with dignity.”

Stacy Walsh-Pouch

Walsh-Pouch is a nurse practitioner in the Cardiology Clinic at Walter Reed. “I provide comprehensive health care to patients with various cardiac conditions. I work with an outstanding team of personnel who work together for the same goal: providing the highest quality health care to the most deserving patient population, our nation’s military service members and their families,” she stated.

“I enjoy meeting new people each day and developing relationships with them,” Walsh-Pouch added. “I find it most rewarding when a patient tells me that the treatment plan or preventative teaching that I provided resulted in improvements in their overall health and quality of life.”

“I aspire each and every day to treat patients as I would want my family members to be treated. I give each patient my full attention when engaging with them, and I listen closely to their questions and concerns,” Walsh-Pouch said.

Some of Walsh-Pouch’s patients said the following about her: “Stacy was very professional and personable. She took the time to [listen] to my current concerns and past history, providing a way ahead and open communications.” “My provider [Walsh-Pouch] is excellent. She is very smart with her knowledge of cardiology. She reviewed my health record for the past year – excellent.” “She made me feel at ease while at the same time confident that no stone was left unturned!” “Absolute professional. The best nurse or medical provider I’ve seen in the last 30 years!” “Dr. Stacy and I go back a while. She knows my medical issues and needs. I do not want to start over with a new person. Great work!” “Ms. Walsh-Pouch was professional and approachable. She answered my question thoroughly and without talking over me. I felt at ease right away.”

Dr. Briana Newkirk

“She likely saved my life,” stated a patient about Newkirk, an internal medicine physician at Walter Reed.

“I treat patients with both chronic and acute medical conditions, in addition to coordinating care with specialty physicians,” Newkirk explained. “The most rewarding part of my job is connecting with patients on a personal level. Learning more about their lives, families, and past life experiences,” she added.

Some of Newkirk’s patients have stated about her: “She is outstanding. She listens and answers your questions.” “Dr. Newkirk is very attentive and helpful.” “Dr. Newkirk is a wonderful addition to the Bravo Team staff at Walter Reed. She is quite knowledgeable and proficient, as well as very friendly.” “Excellent physician, personable.” “She likely saved my life! I had no idea that I had diabetes! She sent me to the ER where I received three bags and two injections of insulin. She has formed a team of pharmacists and a nutritionist headed by a primary care manager to manage the diabetes. She has referred me to Ophthalmology, Urology, and Podiatry. Both my wife and I appreciate and respect Dr. Newkirk. Please thank her for the both of us!”

U.S. Navy Capt. (Dr.) William Shimeall

Shimeall is the service chief of Executive Medicine and billeted at Walter Reed as a Navy staff internist.

“I started my current tour here in July 2020, but began on this campus as an internal medicine intern in 1994 at the then NNMC, and I have served a large majority of my 30-year career caring for patients at NNMC, WRAMC, or WRNMMC,” Shimeall explained.

He provides primary care and coordinates specialty care for enrolled Executive Medicine patients, who include active duty and retired general/flag officers and their dependents, NATO and other foreign general/flag officers and their dependents when assigned diplomatic posts in Washington, D.C., recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor, members of Congress, justices of the Supreme Court, and Senior Executive Service members who are retired military.

“I also teach medical students from the Uniformed Services University (USU) in our clinic, and work with residents and students to care for hospitalized patients on the medicine wards several times a year,” he added.

“Patient care is a partnership and an exchange, and it starts by listening and being both present and respectful,” Shimeall shared. “I try to treat every patient interaction as I would briefing a superior officer. I try to be both accurate and succinct so that each can be fully informed in their decision-making process,” Shimeall explained.

Some of Shimeall’s patients stated the following about him: “Dr. Shimeall is very compassionate and very thorough. He is a good listener, which I very much appreciate!” “Very attentive and caring physician.” “Dr. Shimeall has continued to be an excellent provider for me for a number of years. He is patient, thoughtful and personable. He has always allowed me to be involved in the direction my care should take. He is by far the best doctor I have had.” “A++++ service from Captain Shimeall.”

“Captain Shimeall listens to every concern, request or feeling. He is kind, thorough, patient, and truly a healer versus a mere medical technician. He cares!”
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