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S. Steve Lee, MD, FACS

Major, Medical Corps, US Army 
Surgical Oncologist 

COL Craig D. Shriver, FACSExpertise
General Surgical Oncology, Breast Cancer, Melanoma, Thyroid and Parathyroid Diseases and Cancers, Pancreatic Cancer, Whipple Procedure, Gastric Cancer, Sarcoma, Colon and Rectal Cancer, Bile Duct Cancer, Sentinel Lymph Node surgery. 

  • Bachelor of Arts (1997), University of Guam, Summa Cum Laude (Mangilao, GU)
  • Master of Science (1999), Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
  • Doctor of Medicine (2003), Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA)
  • General Surgery (2009), William Beaumont Army Medical Center (El Paso, TX)
  • Surgical Oncology (2013), The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, TX)
  • Diplomate, American Board of Surgery (2010)
MAJ Lee earned his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Guam and Master's degree in Molecular Biology from the Oregon State University. He completed his Medical degree from Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine in 2003. He was a four-year recipient of Aesculapian Merit Scholarship during his medical school. He completed his general surgery residency training in 2009 at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center and his fellowship training in Surgical Oncology in 2013 at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

He has been a surgical oncologist at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center since 2013. His previous assignments include Chief, Department of General Surgery, Ireland Army Community Hospital, Fort Knox, KY from July 2009 to June 2011. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and is a member of the Society of Surgical Oncology, the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract. 

He has been deployed twice as a General Surgeon on a Forward Surgical Team (FST) (2010, 2013). He has deployed in support of Operating Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan (serving on the 240th FST, and 2th FST). He deployed in support of Regional-Command East at Forward Operating Bases Fenty, Jalalabad in 2010, and the Joint Special Operations Commands in 2013. 

Research Interests
Thyroid cancer, hyperparathyroidism, cancer care disparity research, outcomes research 

Selected Publications
  1. Lee S, Ryu H, Morris LF, Grubbs EG, Lee JE, Harun N, Feng L, Perrier ND. Operative failure in minimally invasive parathyroidectomy utilizing an intra-operative parathyroid hormone assay. Annals of Surgical Oncology (in press)
  2. Romero Arenas MA, Ryu H, Lee S, Morris LF, Grubbs EG, Lee JE, Perrier ND. The role of thyroidectomy in metastatic disease to the thyroid gland. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2013 Oct 1. [Epub ahead of print]
  3. Lee S, Reha JL, Tzeng CD, Massarweh NN, Chang GJ, Hetz SP, Fleming JB, Lee JE, Katz MH. Race does not impact pancreatic cancer treatment and survival in an equal access federal healthcare system. Annals of Surgical Oncology, 2013 Dec; 20(13): 4073-9.
  4. Lee S, Skelton TS, Zheng F, Schwartz KA, Perrier ND, Lee JE, Bassett RL, Ahmed S, Krishnamurthy S, Busaidy NL, Grubbs EG. The Biopsy-proven Benign Thyroid Nodule: Is Long-term Follow-up Necessary? Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 2013 Jul; 217 (1): 81-8
  5. Brown S, Lee S, Waddell BE. Effect Of Race On Thyroid Cancer Care In An Equal Access Health Care System. The American Journal of Surgery. 2010 May; 199(5): 685-9
  6. Hofmann LJ, Lee S, Davis K, Waddell B. Effects of Race on Colon Cancer Staging and Survival in the Department of Defense Health Care System. Disease of Colon and Rectum, 2010; 53(1): 9-15
  7. Lee S, Hofmann LJ, Davis KG, Waddell BE. Lymph node evaluation of colon cancer and its association with improved staging and survival in the Department of Defense health care system. Annals of Surgical Oncology, 2009; 16(11): 3080-86
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  11. Lee S, Sahagian KG, Schriver JP. Relationship between the Roux Limb Length of Gastric Bypass and Nutritional Deficiency and Weight Loss. Current Surgery 2006; 63:259-263
  12. Dorina Avram, Jane Ishmael, Daniel Nevrivy, Valerie Peterson, Sukhyung Lee, Paul Dowel, and Mark Leid. Heterodimeric Interactions Between Chicken Ovalbumin Upstream Promoter-Transcription Factor Family Members ARP1 and Ear2. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1999; 274 (20) 1431-1436
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