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"We don't make the simulation products you train with; We make your training with them even better!"

Vision Statement

We are Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at Bethesda’s center of excellence for simulation in healthcare. We are leaders in managing and promoting multidisciplinary medical simulation programs to advance faculty and staff development, graduate and undergraduate medical education, and to improve overall patient safety and outcomes.

Mission Statement

The Walter Reed Medical Simulation Center (WRMSC) Simulation Center is a tertiary hospital-based simulation facility that leads military medicine through outstanding simulated healthcare experiences and collaboration within the tremendous resources in the National Capital Area.

We provide comprehensive and advanced healthcare education through deliberate practice, multidisciplinary training, and innovative research using multimodal simulation technologies. Our goal is to provide a convenient, safe, supportive and state-of-the-art training environment for all trainees, practitioners, and groups in our facility, throughout the local area, and the Department of Defense. We accomplish this by delivering quality education and skill-based training to all who visit our facility.


  • Service Excellence: We strive to understand and meet or exceed expectations at every opportunity. We serve military and civilian allied health professionals, students, graduate medical education, staff, partner organizations and guests.
  • Quality of Healthcare: Improving patient care and outcomes by exceeding the highest standards of quality in healthcare simulation, built on a culture of excellence through didactic and skill-based training using validated, highly realistic methods.
  • Research: To contribute to major advances and innovation in simulation knowledge creation through domain expertise, collaboration, volume, and quality simulation experiences.
  • Readiness: Playing an integral role in developing, maintaining and promoting readiness for all expeditionary medical operations by educating providers to respond to the full spectrum of operational medical contingencies.
  • Education: Providing education, training and development for our medical center staff to invest in the future of military medicine and healthcare simulation.
  • Business of Healthcare: Implementing training and educational opportunities which implement business market practices that reduce health care costs through augmented expertise and aptitude, reduced litigation, and improved patient outcomes.
  • People: Success depends upon the individual and combined expertise and training of everyone utilizing the Simulation Center.
  • Resources: Act as a good-steward of education, research, and training funds by optimizing utilization of resources at the Simulation Center, Walter Reed Bethesda, the National Capital Area and the Department of Defense to strategically meet the changing environment of healthcare simulation and education.

Simulation Center


Monday thru Friday 0730 - 1700


Main:(301) 400-0501
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