Sub-Internship Rotations

General Information:

Welcome to the Neurosurgery Service at WRNMMC. We are excited that you are interested in completing a sub-internship with us. As detailed elsewhere on this website, our purpose and goal is to provide exceptional care to service members and their families for their neurosurgical conditions while educating the next generation of military neurosurgeons and physicians. This goal is met through dedicated care and coordination with multiple other services at WRNMMC. We look forward to meeting you.

Rotation Duties:

Fourth year medical students are invited to spend a sub-internship month on the Neurosurgery service. During this month, the sub-intern will function as a member of the team. The bulk of this time will be spent with neurosurgical staff and residents in the operating room observing and learning about the operative care that neurosurgical patients receive and the relevant anatomy. When not in the operating room, sub-interns will see outpatients in clinic with various staff and assist the residents with day-to-day care of inpatients, both in the ICU and on the floor.

Expectations and Curriculum:

The educational curriculum will follow that of the residents and will include case presentations, cadaver labs, military specific training, and multi-disciplinary lectures. Academics are held weekly on Mondays. Active participation in discussions, labs, and board review is expected. Additionally, on the final Monday of each rotation, the sub-intern will be given a 30 minute block in academics to present on a topic of his or her choosing. Historically, this time is used to discuss ongoing research in which the student is involved.
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