Internal Medicine Nephrology Rotation

Please review the syllabus and objectives PRIOR to the start of your rotation found in the links section on the right.

Please check-in at the nephrology front desk (Bldg 9, 1st floor, base of the escalators) at 0915 on the first day of your rotation. Front desk staff will contact Dr. Little or Dr. Oliver for you.

Upon your arrival please provide Dr. Little or Dr. Oliver with a list of days when you will be unavailable during the rotation (leave, appointments, night float, continuity clinic, etc.).

The pretest is a self-assessment tool that is to be completed at your own pace and without supplementary materials. You are expected to have the test completed by the start of the third day of your rotation (i.e. if your rotation starts on Friday the test should be completed by Tuesday AM; for Monday starts the test should be completed by Wednesday). After you have completed the test, Dr. Little or Dr. Oliver will provide you with the answers; and after you have corrected the test you can review any questions you have with Dr. Little or Dr. Oliver or another nephrology staff or fellow.

The UA tutorial is self-guided and is to be completed during the first two weeks of your rotation (or by the end of your rotation if you are joining us for two weeks).

We are excited to have you and hope you have a good experience. Please contact me with any questions you have.

Internal Medicine Nephrology Rotation


Front Desk:(301) 295-4331Main:(301) 295-1513

Additional Information

Program Coordinator
Medical Director, Nephrology Clinic
Subspecialty Education Coordinator
Office: (301) 319-8474
Pager: 103-1140
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