Entry Criteria

Applicants must be serving on active duty in a military armed force. Applicants must be either enrolled in a psychiatry residency program, or have completed such a program and become Board-certified at first opportunity. Graduates of double residencies must be Board-certified in both specialties. Applicants must possess a valid state medical license. Fellows are accepted into the program on an annual basis. ACGME authorizes two slots per year, though exceptions for more may be made on a year-to-year basis.

Candidates should have a strong foundation in general psychiatry, a strong interest in expanding their knowledge base into the legal arena, flexibility in adjusting their medical practice to relate to the legal arena, and possess strong written and verbal communication skills. Methods of assessing candidates will include interview, letters of recommendation, academic portfolio, samples of past report writing, military professionalism, and military record.

Forensic Psychiatry


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