Postdoctoral Fellowship Goals of Training

Goals of Training

The major Goals of Training of the Forensic Fellowship are to develop certain core forensic competencies. The goals of the fellowship are to improve standards of forensic practice and ethical decision-making, improve and update knowledge in specific content areas, provide paths for the continuous improvement of forensic skills, provide opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange, and stimulate research as well the dissemination of new and evolving scientific knowledge. Upon completion of the fellowship, fellows will demonstrate knowledge and competencies necessary for:

  1. The legal basis of forensic evaluations
  2. The ethical practice of forensic psychology
  3. Professional values and attitudes
  4. Forensic assessment and psychometrics
  5. Communication and interpersonal skills including communication of forensic methodology and assessment
  6. Expert witness testimony
  7. Knowledge of evidence-based treatment interventions and risk management plans for forensic populations
  8. Forensic research
  9. Forensic consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills
  10. Cultural competence in forensic assessment, treatment, and consultation
  11. Applications of forensic psychology to the military setting
  12. Administration and supervision in forensic psychology

For a more detailed description of specific forensic topics to be taught, please refer to the section entitled Curriculum.

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