Postdoctoral Fellowship Training

Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program in Forensic Psychology, Department of Psychology, Directorate of Behavioral Health: The WRNMMC Forensic Psychology Fellowship is the US Military’s only Postdoctoral Forensic Psychology Fellowship, and only two-year Forensic Psychology Fellowship currently operated in the United States. It is currently the only APA accredited postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology.


The mission of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Program in Forensic Psychology is to provide in-depth training to active duty officers of the US Army that will foster trainees’ development of advanced skills as forensic psychological practitioners. Training occurs within the scientist – practitioner training model, utilizing a mentor model as the primary vehicle for interactive transfer of skills and knowledge. This primary model is supplemented by broad didactic training, courtroom experience, and consultancy with members of diverse professional disciplines. The goal is to provide fellows with the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills to practice forensic psychology at an advanced level. Upon successful completion of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Forensic Psychology Fellowship, graduates will be well-positioned to apply for board certification in forensic psychology and to independently deliver advanced forensic psychological services both to the community at large and within the military community worldwide.


  • Legal basis of forensic evaluations
  • Principles of forensic mental health assessment
  • Knowledge of forensic assessment and method, including specialized assessment instruments used in forensic psychological practice
  • Forensic assessment of response style, including detection of feigning
  • Ethical practice of forensic psychology
  • Forensic mental health assessment
  • Forensic treatment
  • Forensic research
  • Forensic consultation
  • Forensic report writing
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Cultural competence in forensic assessment, treatment, and consultation
  • Administration and supervision of forensic psychology
  • Applications of forensic psychology to the military setting

Consultation and Assessment Services Offered

  • RCM 706 Sanity Board Evaluations (Competency to Stand Trial & Criminal Responsibility)
  • Forensic risk assessment: including violence risk assessment, assessment of domestic violence risk, assessment of sexual violence risk, assessment of child pornography offenders, development of risk management plans and assessment of potential for rehabilitation
  • Forensic assessment of memory impairment and memory distortions, including analysis of the impact of alcohol on memory and source monitoring error
  • Forensic assessment forensic issues related to false confessions
  • Forensic assessment of PTSD
  • Psychological autopsy (equivocal death analysis)
  • Indirect threat assessments
  • Personnel selection for high risk positions
  • Command directed evaluations
  • Evaluations for competency to participate in a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB), including fiduciary competency
  • Expert testimony

Training Opportunities

  • Forensic referrals are accepted from throughout the world
  • Rotation through the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, Quantico, VA
  • Rotation through Psychological Service of the National Security Agency (NSA), Ft. Meade, MD
  • Rotation through the Criminal Investigative Division (CID), Quantico, VA
  • Paid attendance at a conference sponsored by the American Academy of Forensic Psychology
  • Attendance at a 3-4 week long course specializing in military criminal law at the Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School, Charlottesville, VA

Forensic Psychology


Monday thru Friday 0700 - 1600


Main:(301) 319-5366

Additional Information

Referrals are accepted from JAG officers and civilian attorneys involved in courts martial for Service Members in any branch of the Armed Services.
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